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Computer learning

Cambridge Academy for Computer provides a collection of the most modern and selected training programs to master the Information Technology, 

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Language Learning

Cambridge Languages Canter  provides a collection of the most modern and selected training programs to enhance and master the four English language skills

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Cambridge Doha Academy training programs have been developed and are continually updated, based not only on the latest International Management....

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Course Description

PMP® is a globally recognized project management certification that identifies qualified and quality project managers.

The PMP® Certification validates that project managers have the necessary skills to complete projects on time and within budget. The training covers the entire project life cycle from initiation and planning through execution, acceptance, support and closure. Project managers are in high demand in the IT industry and are one of the higher paying sectors within IT.

The training program covers pre-project set-up/initiating; project planning; project execution and delivery; change, control and communication; project closure. A candidate is required to complete a period of time in a project management role before they’re eligible to sit for the exam, and are required to submit an application or complete additional hours of continuing education.

Candidate job roles include project manager, business analyst and project team member. Companies such as CDW, Microsoft, Alltel, IBM, Dell, Ricoh and the U.S. Government recognize the PMP® credential. Improve your skills and your marketability by achieving PMP® certification.

 Course Syllabus

  • Module 1: Project Management and Organizational Strategic Business Value
  • Module 2: Organizational Culture and Project Governance
  • Module 3: Project Management Knowledge Areas and Process Groups
  • Module 4: Project Integration Management and Lifecycle of a Deliverable
  • Module 5: Project Charter and Project Management Plan
  • Module 6: Planning for and Identification of Project Stakeholders
  • Module 7: Managing Stakeholder Engagement
  • Module 8: Planning Human Resources and Acquiring the Project Team
  • Module 9: Development and Management of the Project Team
  • Module 10: Planning Project Communications
  • Module 11: Managing and Controlling Project Communications
  • Module 12: Planning and Establishing the Project Scope Baseline
  • Module 13: Validation and Control of Project Scope
  • Module 14: Planning for and Identification of Project Risks
  • Module 15: Qualitative and Quantitative Project Risk Analyses
  • Module 16: Planning and Control of Project Risks and Responses
  • Module 17: Planning Quality Management
  • Module 18: Quality Assurance and Project Quality Control
  • Module 19: Planning, Defining and Sequencing Project Activities
  • Module 20: Estimating Activity Resources and Durations
  • Module 21: Development and Control of the Project Schedule
  • Module 22: Planning and Estimation of Project Cost
  • Module 23: Determining the Project Budget
  • Module 24: Controlling Project Costs
  • Module 25: Planning and Conducting Project Procurements
  • Module 26: Control and Closure of Project Procurements



Things To Know

We believe that staying on top is much harder than making it on top. And that is how we have remained on the top of the training industry in Qatar and soon outside of Qatar as well.

Our focus is to continue being on the top: simply because this is our philosophy of existence and our milestone to achieve.


Cambridge Doha Academy for Training is considered as important addition to the training system in the Arab Gulf. Middle East. Global and a continuation of extended long in the field of management training and consulting.

Training Services

Cambridge Doha Academy training programs have been developed and are continually updated, based not only on the latest International Management Principles and practices, but also on field research, first-hand experience, in depth knowledge of the region and the specific requirements of organizations.

Our Accreditations

Latest News

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